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Credit Card Gurus

Established in 2009 Bank Rover has serviced clients nationwide concerning multiple approaches to understanding and dealing with credit.

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Never An Upfront Fee

Having a great success rate allows us to never charge an upfront fee for obtaining you unsecured credit. Let us analyze your file and within minutes you will have our response.

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History Based Approach

Up to $200K in unsecured Funding with a Zero Percent APR up To 18 Months, Never An Upfront Fee!
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Bank Rover

Unsecured Personal Credit

Understanding credit is not easy. Not to mention understanding how banks and credit card companies underwrite the approval when issuing credit. Often we are asked if a low credit score is a deal killer. The short answer is NO.

Your credit score is only one factor which plays a role when attempting to secure credit. That’s where we come in, Bank Rover has worked all sides of the equation concerning credit. We specialize in helping our clients meet their objectives in procuring the desired credit they need. Most times we can obtain your unsecured credit with zero APR for the first year.

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Unsecured Funding

Bank Rover never charges an upfront fee to procure unsecured credit for our client. If we are unable to coordinate an unsecured credit source we DO NOT get paid. It’s that simple.

Credit Repair

Credit Repair is a service that is many times misunderstood. Bank Rover will analyze your file and explain exactly what may or may not need to be done. Many times we can avoid credit repair to meet your desired objectives.

Debt Settlement

When clients are dealing with to much debt it can cause extreme amounts of stress. Thankfully clients have a choice as to how they which to manage such debt. We have many proven techniques for resolving debt, please inquire with your consultant.

New Car Leasing

We work closely with Extended Rides Auto Brokerage which works in concert with us if you desire to lease or purchase a vehicle. We serve clients from Miami to NY and often times can offer you a better price then what you could get at the dealer.

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Call us 24/7 at 800-516-7612 or fill out the form below to receive a free and confidential initial consultation.

Credit Card Gurus

Why Bank Rover?

There’s a reason that our reputation precedes us: our 20-year history serving clients Nationwide has garnered us some of the top reviews in our field.  If you or someone you love needs unsecured credit or suffers from too much debt, we’re here for you. Read on to learn more about some of the key reasons why Bank Rover is a leader in the personal credit industry.

The Greatest Disappointments In Life Come From False Or Misleading Expectations.
Built from the ground up

Solid reputation

Bank Rover has been serving clients Nationwide since 2009. We have helped countless clients resolve debt issues, procure unsecured credit and fix issues with their credit file. We now work with Extended Rides Auto Brokerage which allows us to complete the suite of services we offer.

A Lost Art

Personalized attention

We believe that when you retain us to perform a service, you should be able to communicate directly with our staff when needed. You’re not treated like a number at our firm- we work hard to understand the specifics of your situation and to craft a compelling resolution for the best outcome for you.

Hundreds of cases

A history of success

Our firm has already procured  millions of dollars for our clients within our flexible funding programs. We have also saved our clients millions of dollars in our debt settlement program. Credit repair is only a means to an end, within this program we have assisted countless people. Please speak with your Bank Rover adviser to learn how we can tailor a solution for you.

Special Offer Available Here

Mention this special offer and we will give you one AU (authorized User) account when you participate with any of our programs. An AU account can potentially boost your credit score within thirty days up to 50 points.

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

When I first spoke with Bank Rover I assumed at some point that they would ask me to pay something upfront. It never happened and they secured over $100K in unsecured funding for my business expansion.

John Hassett
They resolved my credit issues & got me great funding & a free car. Simply amazing!
John Hassett
Tom Basket
Great company enjoyed working with them, definitely recommend.
Tom Basket

John Mayers

Processing Department
John has been processing files for unsecured credit for quite some time. John is very professional and proactive when working on a clients file. Many times he sees a potential issue prior to processing the file.
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Download our eBook today!

We have assembled the Bank Rover Ebook specifically to assist our clients in understanding credit and debt. We hope you find this useful.

Never an upfront fee to obtain unsecured credit card loans if qualified

 Our Pricing Model

Bank Rover does not charge an upfront fee to procure unsecured credit.If we are unable to procure an unsecured loan for you we earn nothing. It’s that simple. We also do not charge an upfront fee for Debt Settlement. Credit repair and trade line credit boosters are charged upfront. Please inquire with an Bank Rover advisor.

Flexible Funding

Never An Upfront Fee*
per case
Plan Features
  • Unsecured Funding Available From $50,000 Up To $200,000
  • Never An Upfront Fee, If We Do Not Get You Funding We Do Not Get Paid.
  • In some cases Available Within 14 Days.
  • Ask About Our Free Car Offer.
Plan Description

Flexible funding

What is it and how does one qualify?  There is a complex matrix that is involved in understanding how to procure unsecured credit. In most cases we are able to secure a 0.00 percent APR in the first year. We have many loan options for our clients. Our loan products include personal loans, credit card funding, line of credit and equipment financing. Personal funding ranges from $50,000 to about $200,000 and can come in a variety of the above products.

Authorized Users

Credit Score FICO Booster
per account
Plan Features
  • Will boost credit score with thirty days.
  • AU will stay active for 30 days after posting.
  • Potential Credit Score Boost of 50-75 points.
  • We guarantee all AU Accounts.
Plan Description

FICO Score Booster?

What is a credit boost you ask? We have clients which have open credit card accounts which have very low credit utilization relative to its credit line. Many of these clients have great credit scores and a perfect credit history. By them adding you as an authorized user you will see a boost in your credit score within thirty days. We call it, sharing the love. To learn more about our FICO score booster program please contact an IDS Adviser.

Need a Custom Solution?

Each client is unique in what they desire. No two clients are exactly the same. With that in mind we have no issue thinking outside the box to tailor a specific solution based on your objectives.

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